5 DIY Tips for a Fresh New Garden

Keeping and maintaining a garden can be a tedious and cumbersome task, especially with the changing winters and the impending pressure of pests. Still, as spring comes around, you shouldn’t put off going out and tending to the garden to make sure that everything is neat and tidy. It may be daunting at first but if you incorporate some tips and tricks into your routine, you can stay ahead of the hurdles and have a glorious fresh garden. Let’s take a look at some of these tips to help you out.

Use rich soil and raised beds

If it’s one thing all landscapers geelong agree on, it’s that using rich soil in raised beds is the way to go. While saving you some time, it helps provide a plethora of nutrients needed for growth. Raised beds provide more than four times of space and nutrients compared than the ones planted down in rows. Plants growing in closer spaces leave little to no space for challenging weeds so you need to spend less time pulling out those pesky little unwanted weeds.

Keep it hydrated

You shouldn’t by any mean hose down as much of the garden and/or your plants, you need to read up on the plants you have in your garden and keep them properly hydrated. It means you should add just the right amount of water into the soil to fulfil the needs of the flowers.

Grow vertically

No matter how much your space your garden has, you can grow more by using vertically climbing plants. Crops like pole beans, tomatoes, melons, peas and cucumbers among many others go straight up, supported by cages, stakes and fences.

Growing vertically helps you space a lot of time as well since you can see exactly where are the problems and fruits are. Fungal problems are also less likely to spread as there is better air circulation around the plants.

Plant new flowerbeds

Whether you want raised or flat flowerbeds, planting new shrubs can keep your garden looking fresh and colorful all across the year. Choose the colors that go well with your whole aesthetic and don’t be afraid to go for new plants that you haven’t tried before. Just ensure that you read up on it beforehand so that you can get the most out of it in your garden. If you don’t want to do the hard work, you can always hire a gardener.

Round out your soil in flowerbeds

The shape of flowerbeds can make a big difference. While raised beds help you save some space, you can capitalize on it by rounding the soil in the shape of an arc. A 5-foot-wide arced base could give you a 6-foot-wide arc at the top. It might not sound like much but multiplying it by the length of your bed will leave you with a lot of extra space.

Professional VS Freelance Lawn Mower: Who Should You Hire?

pro Lawn Mower

The worldwide rapid changes are constantly raising the standards of people’s skills and aptitudes. People are working not only as a company’s consultant or contractors but also working from home or off-site. Freelancing is one of the most popular way of working from home. An increasing number of people are engaging themselves as a freelance worker. Both freelance and professional offers you their services. However, there are certain differences in the working technique. If we take an example of a lawn mower and see which one is better, a professional or a freelancer then we get to know some important facts about them.

Professional worker

Choosing someone to look after your property is not easy. Landscaping launceston is one of the most important thing as it helps to purify the environment. Many homeowners do not have much time or expertise to give their plants the consideration they need. So for this purpose they hire someone who is well aware about the lawns, soils, pests etc. Now the problem is whether to hire a professional or a freelancer for mowing your lawn. We all know that when we pick an organization for handling our work, we are not by any means the only customers they are dealing with.

At that time there would be various number of customers that organization would have and for that reason they won’t be able to give you much attention that you deserve.  The organisation also have an expensive price range and above all do not have the ability to bargain.They have a fixed price range. Many of the customers are not fully satisfied by their work since they complained that they are always in hurry and did not perform up to the mark. Paying such huge amount without the customers satisfaction is all you get after hiring some professionals from the renowned organization.

Freelance worker

On the other hand if you hire a freelancer they have the ability to bargain with you. They will make a special effort to deliver excellent work because they have to keep good relationship with the customer in order to have more future work. We all know that the job market is so competitive and no one especially those working from their homes cannot bear to lose a customer. They make an effort to turn on their best work, every time to maintain the relationship.

Making the right choice

The flexibility provided by the freelancer is appealing to a lot of people. So if you want to choose someone who is trustworthy and someone who is more loyal towards their tasks then you must hire someone who will value your time and money because these two aspects matters a lot.

Macerata, meetings on landscape and literature

MACERATA – Tomorrow Wednesday, January 23, at 17:00, in the Castiglioni room of the Mozzi Borgetti Library , will be held the first meeting of the cycle of conferences ” The story and the Bonfires, when the Landscape becomes a literary character”. The theme of the lectures will be the relationship between literature and landscape to describe how the places and settings influence the events narrated within the many masterpieces of which the history of literature is studded. The initiative is promoted by Italy Our Section of Macerata, under the patronage of the City of Macerata.

In this first meeting we will be able to listen to Adriano Ghisetti Giavarina , Professor of History of Architecture at the University of Chieti, who will present an intervention entitled ” For the preservation of the historical environment: literary parks” . The ability of the places to influence the literary activity and the need to protect the collective assets are the extremes of the path that will be traced during the relationship.

The presentation will be introduced by Antonio Pagnanelli , president of Italia Nostra MC, and Laura Melosi , professor of Italian literature in the department of humanistic studies at UniMC, organizers of the cycle of conferences. There will also be Professor Carlo Pongetti , director of the aforementioned department, Stefania Monteverde , deputy mayor of the town of Macerata and Maurizio Sebastiani , president of Italia Nostra Marche.

The meetings will be weekly and will be held for eight weeks until next March 13th. It will start a series of reflections on the bonds that are established between literary narratives and settings in which they take place to realize, perhaps, that those fantastic stories are our lives and that those wonderful places are our landscapes, all to live, all from protect, so that each of us can enjoy it.

Landscape in the North-West presents the photo magazine “Echi dal sottosuolo”

Since he began to take his first steps, man has imposed himself ever more incisively on the environment, modifying it according to his needs. The landscape, the one that today sees our eyes, is the result of a series of transformations that are often imperceptible, which over time have led to profound changes: the landscape thus becomes part of human history, a register of its passage, guardian of undiscovered secrets. In the light of these considerations, the photographic project Landscape in North-West is born to tell a part of Sardinia, the north-west and – in particular – three places strongly linked to the mining past of Nurra such as Argentiera, Canaglia and Calabona,

Landscape in the North-West is a photographic project born in 2016 and animated by Roberto Deaddis, Marcello Seddaiu and Fabio Piccioni.
Echoes from the subsoil is the first publication of Landscape in the North-West.
Roberto Deaddis was born in Sassari in September 1983. Archaeologist, he lives between Sassari and Porto Torres. He approached photography in 2008 in an attempt to recount (or perhaps not forget) his surroundings. Marcello Seddaiu was born in Sassari on December 1, 1983. He graduated in Archeology at the University of Sassari, deals with dissemination and three-dimensional and photographic documentation. in the field of Cultural Heritage.
Fabio Piccioni was born in Alghero in September 1981. His works range from industrial archeology to landscape, from underground and submarine scenarios to portrait. Practitioner of outdoor activities such as trekking, caving, climbing and diving.