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Although we live in Queensland, Australia, most information provided should be adaptable to similar climate zones, i.e. Tropical, Sub-Tropical and Warm Temperate.

We use permaculture and organic gardening techniques. Our gardens are built to be weed free and once established are water efficient. There are no back breaking techniques in developing a garden this way, apart from what is needed to plant major plants. You will see an idea on making a straw-bale garden, this is a good family oriented project and even for schools or other groups involving children and their families.

To follow along the sustainability lines, included in the essay are some stories of Solar power projects as well as links to DIY renewables. We have now included and essay on the Eco' Home we designed and had built, for us in our climate this design in particular and the cladding suited, but in colder climates the same design principals would still apply though the wall claddings would be different. The purpose is to encourage thinking outside the square when considering building a new home.

Our garden and yard is best described as a Litter Garden, We don't use a rake very often and the only time I use a grass catcher is when I want clippings for composting, which is very rare.

Our house and gardens can also be referred to as Live Areas as we do not remove spider webs from either.

Check out the new page containing a variety of remedies and cures for what ails the garden. The information on this page will help you maintain a truely organic garden.

There is also a page with a bit about the author and his progression into organic edible gardening including photos of the vege gardens. This page will feature a picture of me and a photographic diary of our edible garden efforts. I will be enlisting the experience of Gavin - an Organic Gardeners of note from Down Under, with hsi experience with container gardening.

Selecting the right mowers and trimmers can be a difficult task, and price can detract the purchaser from buying the right piece of equipment, so visit our mower page for the lowdown. You'll also find information on reel mowers and mulching mowers.

Need drainage? You'll also find hints on constructing an Agricultural/French or Soakage Drain.

Check out our lists of palm varieties from all over the world including Australian natives and see the varieties of ferns and other plants and orchids that we once grew, we no longer follow these gardening pursuits now with water being an issue of conservation and in need of good management in our homes. Where possible, We have provided some photos for these pages so that you can see what the plants looked like, as well as some of our water management devices.

Do you want to know about raising frogs? See a pic of a frog pond we made. Like to know how to attract birds? It's these creatures that help in pest control in your garden. It must work because we do not habitually spray insecticides, so we also have a good supply of Stick Insects to assist the other wildlife, since i wrote this paragraph we have moved homes a couple of times and now sadly we live in modern suburbia in one of those obligatory inefficient mcmansions, where habitat destruction has been so complete that frogs are all but extinct, and we see but a small handfull of the natives birds that should be present in our gardens, this makes bug control that much more difficult, a sad indictment on modern town planning.

Just click on the links in the Site Index to visit any or all of these pages. Then send us an E/Mail and have a chat or tell us about your visit.

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WATER WISDOM healthy gardens and healthy communities in times of drought: Dealing with stage 3 water restrictions so early in the season, and faced with even tougher ones in the coming months, I am reminded of a cartoon that had a huge impact on me as a child:
Willing Workers On Organic Farms - WWOOF's: Welcome to the wonderful world of WWOOF!- Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a form of cultural exchange in which WWOOFers live and work as family with host farms, and learn about:
Harvest Shelter: Harvest Shelter Foundation provides instruction for gardeners in the organic production of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs at various gardens and encourages the donation of surplus harvests to shelters, soup kitchens and food banks in their communities.

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